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Naz has been a longtime Mentor for the Songbook Academy® and has helped to make the program what it is today. She has a unique ability to help students tap into the essence of a lyric and to find their special connection to the song.  Naz is a master storyteller and a gifted teacher. 


Chris Lewis

Vice President

Great American Songbook Foundation

Naz Edwards has proven herself to be a leading force in the theatre locally as well as nationally. I've had the pleasure of working with Naz on several occasions and I don't know of a more professional and skilled actor and singer. A lesson with Naz and the opportunity to delve into her knowledge and experience would be invaluable for any age performer.


Mark Madama

Associate Professor of Musical Theatre

University of Michigan


Things that inspire me about Naz Edwards: She has a heart as big and beautiful as her voice. She makes each individual feel like they are the most important person in the room. She never stops learning, and so she always has new information to pass on to students. She continues to perform, and so she is keenly aware of all of the frustrations, insecurities, and anxieties that can go into performance. She is not afraid to tackle fears--and so after working with Naz, you come out stronger and more knowledgable than you ever thought possible. I simply LOVE working with her.


Cynthia Kortman Westphal

Associate Professor of Musical Theatre

University of Michigan



I have worked with Naz Edwards in cabaret and recording settings and can attest to her professionalism, sensitivity, high standards, and keen artistic vision.  Having seen her perform onstage as well, I feel she is a very accomplished actress in addition to her musical skills.  Her work as a voice teacher and vocal coach has helped many on the path to successful performance careers or with their audition work.  Any time spent with Naz will prove valuable and also highly enjoyable.


Jerry DePuit

Assistant Professor Emeritus of Musical Theatre

University of Michigan



Naz is a golden treasure! She was the most important team member in my recent production of Peter & the Starcatcher at the University of Michigan. The Power Center, where we were to perform, is a huge theatre with difficult acoustics. So, Naz had to teach my actors, not only to sing, but to fill a large auditorium with ease. Using simple, effective tools and inspirational coaching she helped my students find strong, natural, flexible singing voices and the confidence to fill the space. Naz is the dream collaborator and creative partner in all performance enterprises. Her passion is so infectious and is wonderful to behold as she delicately brings out the best in every student. She is a tremendous artist.


Gillian Eaton

Assistant Professor

Theatre Department

University of Michigan



Many clinicians in one, brilliant package!  That’s how I would describe Naz Edwards’ educational work.  I’ve had the pleasure of watching her work with America’s most talented high school vocalists, and recently hired her as a clinician for a regional vocal workshop/masterclass/competition model of my own.  In mere moments, Naz intuitively knows what interpretive elements can be improved to effect the most change for a student.  She collaborates with each student, as if they are her peer, giving them a truly professional level experience.  It is rare to find a person who is skilled at teaching vocal technique, in addition to all of the other interpretive elements necessary to be a successful performer.  Naz gives solid, sound technique and advice.  My students rave about her, and we look forward to having her back.  She is infinitely talented, brilliant and wonderful.


Jennifer Dowd

Jennifer Dowd Vocal Studio and Artist Development

Songbook South Founder

Naz Edwards has a wonderful way of connecting with singers and actors to bring out a beautiful, authentic performance. She engages the performer to bring their fullest self to the performance in way that enables healthy, free voice production without compromising the authenticity of the moment.


Marci Rosenberg, MS-CCC

Speech Pathologist/Voice & Singing Specialist



I have known Naz for many years and have watched her grow and augment her knowledge, artistry and experience in the craft of performing and singing so beautifully. She not only has a great deal of information to share, she possesses such a passion in her giving and caring in her teaching that would make anyone who works with her a very lucky student.


Judith Blazer

Broadway actor-singer-teacher

Co-founder, The Artist Crossing, NYC



Naz Edwards is a consummate educator and mentor to singers and actors. Perceptive, engaging, a facilitator for positive growth, she teaches from the inside-out and understands the voice and vocal pedagogy at a very sophisticated level. Naz is always gracious and easy to work with, delightful to hang with, altruistic and caring to all.


Dr. Thomas Stone

Editor -in-Chief

Maestro & Fox Music

Naz has been my daughter's voice teacher and biggest cheerleader for the past several years. She is INCREDIBLE! What has been most instrumental for us is that she works with Carly in her genre on her songs. Many voice teachers don't offer this flexibility and push students not interested in "classical" training away. The reality is that the technique needed to sing healthily crosses genres. As does the ability to bring emotion to your vocals. Carly is now heading off to college a much better, stronger singer with a much bigger vocal range! We will miss Naz terribly. Any student would be lucky to have her as their teacher.


Tracy Bins

 Parent of Private Voice student

Naz is tops! When you are working with Naz, you know you matter to her. She cares tremendously for her students and works hard to give her all to each one. She's demanding, talented, perceptive, professional, and intelligent. Simply put, she's a fabulous teacher and mentor!

 Michelle White

Parent of Private Voice student



Naz's classes are absolutely wonderful! Using text study to find a breakthrough with a song is an amazing feeling, and she uses her knowledge of vocal technique to help anyone who studies with her. Highly recommend!


Thalia Schramm

Casting Director/Program Director

Encore Musical Theatre

I've worked extensively with Naz this weekend and cannot even begin to describe the quick and effective difference she has instilled into my technique. Her energy and approach is impressively grounded. It has been pure elation to work with her and I would recommend her in a heartbeat. Don't miss out on your special experience with Naz!


Bridget Winder

Master Class participant


Being coached by and working with Naz Edwards was beyond a priceless experience. She is encouraging, professional, and exceedingly inspirational. What I have learned from a few days will affect the way I perform for the rest of my singing career. Thank you so much for working with me!!!


Rachal Bouriaque

Master Class participant

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