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A note from Naz:

Although I have students of all ages, most of my private voice students in my Michigan studio and online (yes, this is possible and a great option for those not in the Ann Arbor area) are preparing to go into musical theatre programs, voice programs, acting programs, or are independent vocalists. I help guide my auditioning students as to what songs to sing, what monologues to choose and how to prepare for this rigorous journey. Most students these days are auditioning for at least 10 to 15 programs. I feel it’s incredibly important to know how to build stamina to stay grounded and focused.


When I coach Indie vocalists, we work on performance style, how to build their sets, how to present themselves, and we work on original songs and how to connect with their material and storytelling. With my students who are musicians first and vocalists second, we work on their connection between both of their instruments, voice and say guitar, so one supports the other on the same journey. A guitar lick is an extended expression of your voice. The two are connected, there is a conversation going on between the two. As in Jazz or the Great American Songbook...scatting is an extension of the song...there are no more words but the energy needs someplace to go, therefore we burst into scatting.


For all of my students, we are continually exploring voice and acting techniques. And how to grow and enjoy the process. Trust and being brave is a huge part of the journey.


Click here to contact Naz for more information about private voice lessons. 

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