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"Naz has been my vocal coach for many years now and the growth I’ve witnessed as a vocalist and performer is unbelievable. Every time I think we’ve hit the ceiling, she shatters it and takes me higher. Her professionalism and skill is unmatched. She is not only a coach and a teacher but also a mentor and a friend who cares deeply about your dreams and desires. That is a rare and irreplaceable quality. I admire her gifts and talents and her heart and I’m honored to be her student!"

Bridget Winder

Image by Jon Tyson


I’m creating an online singing space for people who love to sing where they can come together and do just that!  Sing just for the love of the art. For the joy it brings! 



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There is a three month commitment for each participant.

We will meet twice a month for 90 minute classes.

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Naz has been called “the inside-out teacher”, working at the core of her students and helping them express their true emotions through their material. 

To learn more about Naz Edwards and "i just wanna sing!" please email Naz at

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